Blue Carbon Steel Woks - Canada

Create the irresistible wok hei flavour in your kitchen with a classic blue carbon steel wok! This material brings unmatched benefits — forget cast iron, ceramic and aluminum pans! Discover the perfect combination of sustainability and longevity — Yosukata woks will last a lifetime!

Truly hammered steel woks are made of 99% iron. This premium cookware will stay in your family for decades. Explore captivating flavours of Asian cuisines with a blue carbon steel wok designed by culinary gurus!

Features of Blue Carbon Steel Wok

Pre-seasoned woks are subjected to heat during manufacturing to prevent corrosion. Enhance their protective layer with a little oil, and enjoy hassle-free use without sticking! 

  • Blue carbon steel ensures even heating and adds an authentic flavour to every dish.
  • It gets better with age! Every time you use the wok, its natural patina thickens. 
  • The steel is incredibly durable, but it is also lighter than cast iron. 
  • These woks are made of materials gifted by nature. Your cooking will be chemical-free at any temperature. 

Use It For

A blue carbon steel wok is more than an implement for stir-frying! Explore a wide array of methods including steaming, braising, roasting, and sauteing. Cook delicious soups in your wok and deep-fry meats and veggies without sticking! This is a multi-purpose kitchen wonder. 

How to Get Woking

Unpack the wok, wash it, and dry it thoroughly. Then, follow the instructions from our manual to prepare it for use. If the wok is unseasoned, its surface will change colour, and it will acquire a natural layer that will prevent sticking and improve with every use. Pre-seasoned woks require just a little oil to finalize their natural coating!

Clean and Care for Your Blue Carbon Steel Wok

The maintenance of a seasoned wok is a piece of cake. After cooking, rinse the wok with water (no soap!). Use a sponge if necessary, but not metallic scrubbers, as they remove the natural patina. Rinse and dry the wok thoroughly. To remove all moisture, place it on low heat. Finally, rub some oil into the surface to prepare your blue carbon steel wok for your next use. 

Why You Should Buy Yosukata Blue Carbon Steel Woks

These woks are built to last. Our experts use heavy-duty materials of the highest quality to create reliable and versatile cookware. Discover rich flavours of authentic cuisines at home with a wok created by professionals!

Thoughtful Design 

The wooden handle is ergonomic to ensure a comfortable grip. Artisanal hammering produces a perfect stable shape, and welding of the handle base guarantees durability. The round bottom will lock the juices and flavours inside the ingredients for enriched taste.  


Our woks are easy to move around — the 14-inch model weighs just 4.7 pounds! Handling and storage are super easy!

Excellent Materials

This type of carbon steel is ideal for open fire and gas burners. Yosukata uses strong 15-gauge carbon steel containing 99% iron! Season it with the oil of your choice to create a natural patina for stick-free cooking. It will get thicker with every use!