Carbon Steel Wok - Canada

A professional carbon steel wok is strong and has universal applications. Saute, stir-fry, deep-fry, steam, braise, stew, boil, or bake using one piece of cookware made from materials gifted by nature. Choose a pan that serves many purposes and is virtually indestructible. 

Carbon steel woks are made for professional and home use. They are lightweight, cost-effective, and universal. These pans can be used for different authentic cuisines. After seasoning, they acquire a natural layer that prevents sticking and makes cooking a breeze, even with little oil! These woks withstand intense heat without warping, and they warm quickly and evenly. 

As the materials are 100% natural, you will keep dangerous compounds and carcinogens off the menu. No more toxins sneaking into your food! Upgrade your kitchen experience with this multi-purpose workhorse — with proper care, it will last a lifetime! 

Carbon Steel Wok Types

Yosukata produces black and blue woks of different designs. The range of bottoms suits different cooktops. Round-bottomed woks are best for gas stoves and open fire. Carbon steel woks with straight bottoms are designed for electric, ceramic, and induction cooktops. Wooden handles protect you from burns.

How to Use

Our products come pre-seasoned, but they require additional seasoning, like any Chinese pan. Use a modest amount of oil to form the protective patina, and enjoy non-stick cooking without chemicals. Cooking with the best carbon steel wok is a delight! 

Once the pan has been coated, you can try any technique, from sauteing to steaming. You will need a spatula to move the ingredients around and a splatter screen to prevent sputter. Push the contents up the side in a cycle, so that all ingredients get equal time at the bottom. 

Caring for your carbon wok is a piece of cake! Once you have finished cooking, wipe it down with a wet cloth, or wash it with water. Note that soap destroys the patina, so detergents are out of the question. Dry the pan thoroughly and store it. The more you cook, the thicker the polymer layer becomes, making your wok even more convenient! Visit our blog for more tips and recipes from experts!

Why Buy Carbon Steel Wok by Yosukata?

Yosukata woks are designed by chefs and produced from natural materials. They are super easy to handle and store. Discover the genuine taste of Asian cuisine in your own home — our unique designs will keep all the flavours and juices inside the ingredients, making your dishes irresistible! 

Reliable Materials

All of our woks are produced from high-grade materials, such as carbon steel from Japan and beech wood from New Zealand. The steel is heated to over 300 degrees C during production, so it comes pre-seasoned, with a protective layer of iron oxide. Season it with oil once to form a non-stick patina. It will get stronger every time you cook!

Convenient Designs

We have woks for any type of cooktop, from electric to open fire! Wooden handles ensure safety, a comfy grip, and perfect balance. The ergonomic design and modest weight of these woks make them highly maneuverable.

Versatile and Healthy Cooking

Yosukata pans can be used for a wide variety of techniques, from deep-frying to baking. Create delicious and nutritious Asian meals, cook steaks, steam vegetables, and more! The natural non-stick coating is 100% chemical-free, and it gets stronger the more you use the cookware!