17-inch (43 см) Utensils Wok Set (Wok Spatula, Ladle Carbon Steel & Bamboo Chopsticks)

  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Brand YOSUKATA
  • Size 6*17
  • Number of Pieces 1
  • EAN 4897124340213
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69,99$ 79,99$
  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Brand YOSUKATA
  • Size 6*17
  • Number of Pieces 1
  • EAN 4897124340213
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69,99$ 79,99$

About this item

Universal wok tools set: The YOSUKATA wok utensils set professional kit includes 43 cm (17-inch) pre-seasoned spatula and ladle, and 3 pairs of wooden cooking frying chopsticks of various lengths (13’’/14.2’’/11.8’’), so you can cook any authentic Asian recipe with joy and ease.

Sturdy: The spatula and ladle feature one-piece construction. They are made of high-quality carbon steel without using any additive. Unlike wooden wok spatulas and ladles, our metal wok spatula and ladle will not bend, break or lose shape. NOTE: Seasoning is required before use, check the step-by-step guide included in the kit on how to prepare wok tools before your first use.

Optimal length, weight and grip: Our 17-inch spatula and ladle are long enough for convenient and safe cooking in 13–14 inch or larger woks, protecting your hands from heat and spatters. The carbon steel spatula and the ladle are well balanced and not too heavy. The handles have a smooth, hand-polished finish for a comfortable, secure grip and notches so you can hang them up.

Maintenance: No dishwasher use. To preserve the seasoning, our pre-seasoned wok utensils for carbon steel cookware hand-wash only. Make sure to wipe them dry after each wash to prevent rust. With proper care, YOSUKATA accessories will last and serve for a lifetime.

Multifunctional: Our wok spatula is perfect for flipping and stir-frying meats and vegetables. The ladle is the tool you want for serving or for adding liquids to your masterpieces. Use the wooden cooking chopsticks to fry, deep-fry, pick-up and instead-boil at ease. Order premium-quality YOSUKATA traditional Chinese cooking tools with confidence.


Ready for safe, delicious, enjoyable Asian cooking?
YOSUKATA universal wok tools kit includes the essential accessories to help you cook traditional Japanese, Chinese and Korean delights with joy and comfort.
The set includes:

43 cm (17-inch) pre-seasoned carbon steel wok spatula 43 cm (17-inch) pre-seasoned carbon steel wok ladle three pairs of carbonized wooden cooking frying chopsticks (13’’/14.2’’/11.8’’)

Details matter:
Premium quality: YOSUKATA wok tools professional utensils feature one-piece construction and are made of high-quality, pre-seasoned carbon steel without any additives. This reliable Asian spatula and ladle require seasoning before use. Seasoning will protect them from rusting and make them non-stick.

Optimal length: Our wok tools are carefully designed so you can expertly prepare food in your blazingly hot wok. The 43 cm (17-inch) spatula and ladle in this wok tool set are long enough for convenient and safe cooking in 34-36 cm (13–14 inch) or larger woks.

Expert design: The handles on the spatula and ladle in our wok set have a smooth, hand-polished finish that keeps them cool, and they are perfectly weighted and balanced so cooking will not feel like a workout.

Easy storge: You can neatly organize your wok accessories by hanging them up using the notches in the handles.

Versatile: Thanks to its wider surface, our spatula for woks is ideal for flipping and stir frying meats and vegetables, and the 4.4 fl.oz/130 ml capacity of the ladle makes it perfect for serving or adding liquids to your masterpieces.

Healthy meals: Our wok tools will not leach any harmful compounds into your food. You can enjoy the genuine taste of your culinary masterpieces with complete peace of mind.

LIFE HACK: To make sure that your high-quality wok utensils serve you longer, wipe them dry after each washing and don’t put them in the dishwasher.
Order YOSUKATA wok utensils with confidence.
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Nice accessories

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Good as expected... Chopsticks are very beautiful!

Essential for Wok Cookery

These tools transforms You and your Wok, as it
Makes it easier to manipulate what’s in there…Faster and more efficiently. The right utensils help you make the greatest dishes…These are one of them…..

Very Well Made

Well crafted, Well balanced tools. Works great with my wok. Easy to clean. Must get if you need a quality set.

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