Deep Frying in a Wok: What You Should Know (Canada)

Most people are surprised to learn that a wok is quite a multifaceted piece of cookware. It is typically associated with Asian cuisine and methods like stir-frying and steaming. In reality, you can cook an impressive array of dishes using these peculiar flare-shaped pans. They also double as bowls! Here are the fundamentals of deep frying in a wok.

Using a Deep Fry Wok

Your deep fry wok has many hidden talents. This cooking technique is its big strength, and you may be surprised by the sheer variety of ingredients that can be thoroughly fried in this cookware. Carbon steel woks are the best, as they perform great at intense heat. Discover the best ways to cook in a wok below.

Is a Wok Good for Deep Frying?

Yes, and this is an understatement! The secret is the flared shape. A wok lets you cook smaller foods quickly at intense heat. At the same time, it is a great time saver. You can fit a lot of ingredients together but cook them just as quickly.
In addition, when you deep fry in a wok made of carbon steel, your meals are healthier due to the absence of chemicals on the surface. The non-stick surface is created by oil particles. A carbon steel wok is a powerful workhorse that will serve you for decades.

Benefits of Deep Frying in a Wok

Is a wok good for deep frying of only some ingredients? No, this cookware is very versatile. Of course, when most people think of frying, they rarely associate it with woks, but this is actually what they are best for! Discover the biggest strengths of a carbon steel wok in comparison with an ordinary frying pan, a Dutch oven, or a stockpot.

1Flared Shape Reduces Oil Splatter

Thanks to the sloping shape, deep frying in a carbon steel wok is less messy. It has high and wide sides that rise up earlier than those of its counterparts, so a lot of oil spatter remains inside.

2Cook with Less Oil

For the same reason, you can achieve the necessary oil depth with less oil. Some studies have shown that the difference is as big as 33%!


When deep frying in a carbon steel wok, you can move the ingredients more easily. You can add them, remove them, and move around inside to get an even fry.

4Cook More and Faster

The shape of a wok creates a bigger surface area in comparison with conventional pans. This lets you fit in more ingredients, but spend the same amount of time working in the kitchen.

What Can I Cook?

Before we explain how to deep fry in a wok, make sure you know what ingredients to pick. Woks show the most impressive results when they are used to cooking smaller things, such as chicken nuggets, calamari, or french fries. Generally, any batches of smaller items show the best results. Cook mozzarella sticks, crab rangoons, mussels, shrimp, etc.
Woks are also great for any floating items, such as donuts or funnel cake. When it comes to bigger things, such as chicken breasts, the shape is not as advantageous. You cannot fit more than a couple of them at once. Otherwise, they will slide down into one another, which will prevent them from frying evenly.

How To Deep Fry in a Wok

To achieve the best results with your cookware, get a deep frying or candy thermometer. You will need to measure the temperature of the oil before placing the ingredients inside. Follow the steps below:

Pour some oil with a high smoke point into the wok (check our tips for the optimal depth below). Put your thermometer into the oil and wait until it heats up to 375 F. Start dropping the ingredients inside gradually. You can use wooden chopsticks or a metal skimmer. Be careful to prevent huge splashes. Keep stirring the ingredients until they turn golden brown. Use a slotted spoon or a spider strainer to remove the food from the oil, and dry it on paper towels.

How Much Oil to Put in a Wok for Deep Frying?

Aside from using only high smoke point oils, you need to measure the amount correctly. The rule of thumb is to never fill over 50% of the wok. Before frying any ingredients, dry them thoroughly to remove excess moisture. Add the pieces one at a time, so they fry more evenly.


Woks are great for a variety of techniques, but deep frying is their less obvious talent. Take advantage of the sloped shape to cook delicious meals quickly and easily, with less mess in the kitchen. At intense temperatures, using a wok for deep frying made of blue carbon steel is the best choice.
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